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I lay in bed, naked, the soft sheets feel cool and rub my body gently, exciting my nipples. The darkness surrounds me except for the faint illumination of the alarm clock which softly washes over part of my bed with a soft, green glow. I always sleep naked this time of the year, at least whenever I can. My hand caresses my breast and I feel a tingle below.

My thoughts turn to you. I think of your broad chest, hairy, but not too hairy. How the sight of it can give me this same tingling feeling. I think of the feel of your strong shoulders and your muscular arms. How I wish you were here holding me within the safety of those arms. I play with my nipple a little more and then my other hand reaches for my pussy.

I play with my pussy lips, rolling them gently between my fingers. I rub my clit slightly. I can feel that between these thoughts of you and playing with myself, that I am already getting wet. Suddenly, alone in this void, my thoughts turn a little darker. I picture someone entering my room and surprising me. His face always remains outside the green glow and I cannot tell who it is. He covers my mouth and demands that I not speak or scream. He stands up and I can barely see him take off his shirt; I can hear his belt unbuckle and his zipper unzip. I can hear the faint rustle of material as he drops his clothes to the floor. He covers my face and now I am in total darkness.

This all excites me. I know rape is a serious matter. I would try to kill anyone if they ever tried it with me. But here in my fantasy I am strangely excited. I feel my pussy get wetter and I slowly begin to dip my fingers in my juices and rub on my clit.

The stranger has his hard dick near my mouth and tells me to suck on it. I feel I have no choice and take this new cock in my mouth. I lick his shaft and then his hand moves my head and he forces his cock further in my mouth. His hand pushes my head onto his dick as he rocks next to my bed, fucking my mouth.

I am all wet now, the juices flow freely and I spread my legs and stick a finger inside myself. I go in and out with my finger and then return to my clit, rubbing in circles. My other hand continues to play with my breasts and my nipples. I pull at the nipples, stretch them.

The stranger pulls back the covers and I lay there exposed as I continue to suck on his cock. I feel his hands begin to play with my nipples. Suddenly, each pinch and tweak of my nipples is caused by him. I find myself being a little rougher. I can hear my breathing quicken; I can feel myself begin to sweat.

He withdraws his cock from my mouth and he goes down on me. I am scared even in my fantasy as he begins to lick my clit and finger my pussy. Now as I play with myself below, it is him who is doing it. It is his tongue instead of my fingers playing with my clit. It is his fingers instead of my fingers going in and out of my hot, wet pussy.

Then I can feel the weight of his body on top of me. I can almost smell him; feel his sweat too, as he sticks his cock inside me. He is big. He begins to pump away and grunt as he fucks me. I feel this huge, strange cock inside me.

Both my hands are down below now. The finger of one hand goes in and out of me in rhythm with this man on top of me. The other hand has quickened the pace on my clit. I am going harder and faster along the edges of my clit, on top of it. I can feel my juices drip from me.

This man just continues to fuck me. He lifts one leg, then the other into the air and pulls my legs towards him with one arm, fucking me over and over. His other hand grabs onto my breasts and my nipples.

I feel myself begin to cum. My body begins to explode into an intense orgasm, my body shaking and quivering. I feel my ass lift off the bed and I squirm to the side. My fingers slowly come to a stop and I roll over on my side.

I am tired now. Ready to sleep. I am a little embarrassed and frightened about this fantasy, but I am too tired to think of it now. I think of your broad chest, hairy, but not too hairy. And I fall asleep.



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